Under Sink Sump Basin Package

Ion Technologies Under Sink Sump Basin Package

All parts included to install an under sink sump system.

Ordering PN: MPK20293

Under Sink Sump Basin Package Components

  1. WC33V With Vertical Switch
  2. 1½” Check Valve
  3. 1½” x 12″ Sch. 40 PVC Discharge Pipe
  4. Poly Water Box With Cover


  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal
  • Oil-filled high efficiency PSC motor that uses half the AC power of most ⅓ HP pumps
  • 3 year warranty
System Specifications

Under Sink Basin Package WC33 - Specifications

Typical ApplicationsBasement sump
Septic Tank Effluent
Maximum CapacityUp to 45 GPM
Maximum HeadUp to 24‘
Electrical Data115 V, 1 Ø, 4 FLA, 60 Hz
Motor Data1/3 HP, 3450 RPM
Recommended Minimum Basin Size18" x 24"
Automatic Operation V: Vertical switch
Materials of ConstructionCast iron and engineered thermoplastic
Power Cord10' Standard
Discharge1-1/2" NPT

WC33V Sump Pump Dimensions

WC33i Basement Sump Pump Dimensions


WC33V Sump Pump Performance

WC33i Basement Sump Pump Performance