Sumpro Platinum Battery Backup System

Ion Technologies Sumpro Platinum Battery Backup Pump System


  • Runs on either AC or DC power
  • Supplied with two BA75i ¾ HP, 115 volt sump pumps
  • Ion Genesis® controller monitors all pump activity, including pump running current, pump trending, and self testing without having to access the basin
  • Ion Genesis® sensors have no moving parts or pieces to fail and will far outlast common switch types
  • Can be installed as a backup or primary pump
System Specifications

  • Sumpro® Model 100 inverter rated for 15 amps
  • Input Voltage: AC
  • Output Voltage: DC / AC
  • Includes (2)  BA75i ¾ HP pumps, rated up to 85 GPM each, and an Ion Genesis® controller
  • Options: Stand, battery add-on kit, automatic phone dialer
  • 3 year warranty

Typical Installation

Sumpro Battery Backup System Dimensions


BA75i Sump Pump Performance

BA75i Basement Sump Pump Performance Chart

Sumpro System Performance

Sumpro Platinum Battery Backup System Performance Chart