Sumpro Battery Backup System

Ion Technologies Sumpro Battery Backup System
  • Smaller footprint and lighter than original Sumpro with quieter operation
  • Easy to read LCD screen for real time monitoring
  • Alarm contact for remote monitoring and notification
  • Solar and wind inputs for battery charging
  • Improved charging circuit
  • High inrush capability
Features & Advantages

  • Fully automatic auxiliary power supply for high performance sump or sewage pump backup when utility power becomes unavailable.
  • Powers any 115 volt pump for functioning as a dedicated backup or combined primary/backup. Easy to install with no modifications or piping changes.
  • Runs on AC power from utility supply or converted battery power reserved for emergency backup (two 12-volt Power+ AGM batteries required, purchased separately).
  • Operates at peak pumping capacity during power outages until batteries are fully depleted. Can add extra batteries to further extend runtimes.
  • Color indicators identify routine operating status or when in a state of alarm. LCD screen displays key operating details for end user evaluating.

System Specifications
Typical Installation

Sumpro Battery Backup System Dimensions


System Performance

Sumpro Battery Backup Sump Pump System Performance Chart