Sump Pumps

The first line of defense against basement flooding is the sump pump. While often taken for granted, the sump pump is what protects the basement from rising groundwater or rainwater.

The Ion Technologies line of sump pumps are built with the highest quality of components and are protected by their cast iron or stainless-steel casings. The difference with a higher grade of casing, as opposed to plastic, is the protection against the heat generated by the countless spinning that occurs within the pump as it sucks in water. Such heat can distort lower grade casings and the spinning components within, resulting in the pump wearing out a lot sooner.

Pumps are typically identified by their pumping volume, measured in the amount of gallons it can pump per minute (GPM) in addition to the amount of horsepower (HP) used to eject water. Plumber or contractors should make educated pump recommendations to their residential customers after accessing the conditions unique to their basements. We do not typically recommend purchasing a pump a higher capacity to pump more gallons per minute just for the sake of doing so, as an oversized pump has the potential to wear out prematurely. Ion Technologies’ pumps are available in a variety of different GPM and HP options, accommodating small and large basements, each with their own unique set of rising water circumstances.

Sump Pumps With A Higher Grade of Switches

Another separating factor of Ion Technologies sump pumps are our switches. After years of soliciting frustration from plumbers about the stagnant advancement of mechanical float switches, we decided to go in a different direction via the use of digital. The result was the launching of the Ion Digital Level Control Switch, a state-of-the-art water level sensor that electronically turns sump pumps on and off. With no moving parts to wear or fail, the Ion Digital Level Control Switch provides added protection against pump failures resulting from worn out float switches. Since then, the inspiration for the Ion Digital Level Switch has been our driving motivation for the launching of a complete line of advanced pump monitoring devices that put homeowners in complete control when it comes to protecting their basement from flooding.

Many of our sump pumps are also packaged as battery backup sump pump systems. These complete backup systems can provide additional output at times when a primary pump is unable to keep up (i.e. a heavy rainstorm producing an unusually high amount of water) or can take over completely in the event of a power outage, which renders the primary pump useless.

Our complete line of sump pumps are available below. Our pumps, in addition to our battery backup systems and control accessories, are available via our network of plumbers and contractors throughout the United States. For more information, please call the Ion Technologies customer service team at 815-886-9200.

Ion+ Sump Pumps

Each Sump Pump Equipped with a Built-In Ion+ High Water Alarm

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