The Ion+ Connect is a digital level controller and sump pump alarm system that monitors your sump pump and pit conditions. Real-time monitoring updates are only a text message away. Receive customized text message alerts when a critical situation arises.

Integrates with any manual pump up to 12 amps.

Homeowners can text message their Ion+ Connect to:

  • Perform a sump pump test.
  • Know what the water level is within the sump pit.
  • Check to see that power is available.
  • Check to see what the basement’s temperature is.

The Ion+ Connect sends customized alerts via text when:

  • Water rises to a specific level within the sump pit.
  • Power loss occurs.
  • The basement temperature moves above or below specified set points.

Additional Ion+ Connect Feature Notes:

  • Integrates with any manual or ejector pump up to 12 FLA (full-load amperage). While most residential pumps are less than 12 amps, please refer to your pump’s owners manual to check its FLA rating before using the Ion+ Connect.
  • Configures up to 10 phones to receive SMS text notifications.
  • Equipped with Ion Digital Level Sensors. With absolutely zero moving parts, the Ion Digital Level Sensors eliminate common pump failures that occur as a result of faulty mechanical switches.
  • Fully customizable set points up to 72 inches.

When the power goes out, the Ion+ Connect basement monitoring and sump pump alarm system is still there for you.  Its 3G cellular connection continues to provide service even when your home loses power, unlike WiFi. Homeowners are always just a text message away from real-time monitoring updates and customized alerts. Enjoy peace of mind while out of the house by having real-time monitoring access to what is happening inside your basement. Eliminate the surprise of coming home to a failed pump, a flooded basement or frozen pipes.

The Ion+ Connect is developed by Ion Technologies, a manufacturer of high capacity pumps, controls and battery backup systems. Homeowners can rest assured that they are placing their trust with a proven innovator of basement flood protection technology.

Ion+ Connect – Simple Installation

  • The Ion+ Connect only takes minutes to setup (see installation video for demonstration)
  • Its always reliable 3G cellular connection allows you to always be just a text message away from its monitoring capabilities.
  • Receive customized alerts via text message, allowing you to take appropriate action at the beginning of a potential problem before turning into a worst case scenario.

Whether you are a homeowner concerned about protecting your finished basement, the owner of a summer home or a property manager keeping tabs on multiple homes, experience the added peace of mind of knowing what is happening inside your basement with the Ion+ Connect sump pump alarm system.

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