Sump Pump Alarm System

The Ion+ Connect by Ion Technologies Ion+ Connect Gen2 Is your sump pump working? Just ask it. Introducing the
New Ion+ Connect
Coming Soon Is your sump pump working? Just ask it. Introducing the New
Ion+ Connect
Coming Soon
Patents Pending, Patent No. 8,591,198, 9,033,686, and 9,680,401

The new Ion+ Connect is a multi-platform communicator that provides multi-monitoring capabilities of the sump pump and surrounding conditions in the basement. At any time and from any place, the Ion+ Connect gives homeowners a head’s up when a potential problem arises, providing ample opportunity to address the issue early, as opposed to potentially coming home later to an unwelcome surprise.

The Ion+ Connect is especially ideal for property managers and homeowners with vacation homes.

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Multi-Platform Communications

Our busy days move us around from place to place. With the Ion+ Connect's multi-platform communications, homeowners can receive real-time status updates and emergency alerts from their preferred device depending on time of day or place.

Sump Pump Monitoring Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa

Sump Pump Monitoring Mobile Device

Mobile Devices

Sump Pump Monitoring via Desktop Computer

Desktop Devices

Multi-Monitoring Capabilities

Plenty of variables exist that can pose problems for a basement. The Ion+ Connect's multi-monitoring capabilities allow homeowners to stay in the know while on the go, helping to avoid unwelcome surprises.

Sump Pump Status Monitoring

Sump Pump Status Monitoring

Measures Sump Pit Water Level

Measures Sump Pit Water Level

Measures Basement Temperature

Measures Basement Temperature

Detects Power Loss in Home

Detects Power Loss in Home

Any Time, Any Place

If knowledge is power, then the reassurances that comes with the peace of mind is a welcome bonus. The new Ion+ Connect is the latest technological advancement that empowers homeowners with intuitive sump pump monitoring and communication capabilities, regardless of where life takes us.

Sump Pump Monitoring from Livingroom

From the Livingroom

Sump Pump Monitoring While at Work

While at Work

Sump Pump Monitoring While on Vacation

While on Vacation

Digital Level Sensor

The Ion+ Connect is equipped with a Ion Digital Level Sensor. With absolutely zero moving parts, the Ion Digital Level Sensor eliminate common pump failures that occur as a result of faulty mechanical switches.

Pump Integration

The Ion+ Connect integrates with any manual sump or ejector pump up to 12 FLA (full-load amperage), including the Ion Technologies line of pumps and battery backup systems.

  • Monitoring Capabilities:
    • Perform a sump pump test at any time to ensure it is operating correctly.
    • Water level within the sump pit (via the Ion+ Connect's equipped Ion Digital Level Sensors).
    • Status of power within the home.
    • Surrounding temperature within the basement (which may signal HVAC issue, minimize potential for pipe freezing in cold weather climates).
  • Sends Customized Alerts:
    • When the sump pump is not working.
    • When water rises to a specific level within the sump pit.
    • When a power outage occurs (and when power is restored).
    • When the basement temperature moves above or below specified set points.
  • 4G cellular or WiFi.
  • Status updates and setting adjustments via dedicated app (iOS and Android devices) and website (desktops or laptops).
  • Notifications via voice, push notifications and email.
  • Multiple carrier options (AT&T, Verizon).
  • Multi-user privilege settings perfect for property managers or contractors.
  • Automatic simplex or duplex operation:
    • Allows for the running of either one or two sump pumps.
    • Its true duplex capability allows for the running of two pumps at the same time.
  • Integration with the Amazon Alexa smart control speaker.
Sump Pump Alarm System from Multiple Devices

Monitor and control your sump pump via our dedicated Ion+ Connect app (iOS and Android) and webpage.

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