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StormPro Line of Pumps, Controls & Battery Backup Systems

StormPro Pumps, also known as Ion Storm Pro, has designed and engineered a complete line of high performing storm pumps, sewage pumps, intuitive control and monitoring devices and battery backup systems. As a division of Metropolitan Industries, the StormPro line of pumps is backed by 60 plus years of engineering and design expertise in the production of packaged pump systems that are used for the movement, heating and treatment of water for a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

StormPro Pumps were engineered specifically for residential applications, most specifically basements and crawl spaces, though the high capabilities of our pumps have resulted in their use in several light commercial applications. StormPro Pumps are trusted upon by plumbers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada to protect their customer’s basements from floods and the water damage as a result of. Our primary sump pumps are capable of pumping more water per minute than leading competitors and can be fully integrated with the Stormpro’s line of pump controls and battery backup systems.

When it comes to providing the ultimate in basement flood protection against the most pressing storm water, the homeowners best bet is the StormPro line of pumps, controls and battery backup systems.

The StormPro identity has been rebranded as Ion Technologies to better represent our commitment to continued innovation towards the development of more sophisticated and intuitive pump control technology.

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