Should Homeowners Install a Basement Ventilation System in Their Home?

Homeowners Installing a Basement Ventliation System in Home

Should homeowners install a ventilation system in their home?

Depending on the home’s location and the different seasons throughout the year, ventilation systems, like the Ion Fresh & Clean from Ion Technologies, are important for the overall health of a home. Before there was central air conditioning and furnaces, homeowners knew that in order to maintain a comfortable and healthy home, keeping air in motion was critical. Today, that is even more important, as houses are built to a much higher standard of airtightness in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Today’s new construction homes are built with methods to create a tightly sealed air envelope. This is different than older homes that were built to include substantial air exchange with the outdoors through structural gaps and cracks. Today’s method reduces operating costs while ensuring that expensive cooled and heated air stays inside. This also means that indoor pollutants and humidity also remain indoors, often accumulating to unnaturally high levels due to the lack of fresh air exchange. Using a ventilation system like the Ion Fresh & Clean helps move stagnant air out while also introducing fresh air, without sacrificing energy efficiency and comfort due to loss of cooling and heating.

What’s In the Air?

Often times, stagnant indoor air includes pollutants and irritants that you should not be breathing. Due to the fact that homeowners spend a lot of time breathing in air from inside the house, it’s likely that homeowners are getting a daily concentrated dose of whatever’s in the household air.

Some of the undesirable elements that are present in stagnant air include:

  • Inorganic dust and lint.
  • Mold spores emitted by indoor sources.
  • Accumulation of airborne pollen from outdoors.
  • Chemical fumes out-gassed from building materials and furniture.
  • Trace amounts of carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts.
  • Microorganisms like airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • The consequences of living in poorly ventilated enclosed spaces range from simple annoyance and discomfort all the way to chronic asthma and allergic reactions, skin and eye irritation and communicable respiratory illness.

Unlike other types of home ventilation systems, the Ion Fresh & Clean Ventilation Systems remove unhealthy air from below-grade areas while re-distributing clean air from the home’s upper levels and back to the lower level. This provides a top-to-bottom healthy home environment where homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that clean and healthy air continues to recirculate throughout the home.

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