Pump Controllers & Monitoring

When it comes to keeping water out of the basement, the combination of an Ion Technologies pump and a battery backup system provides the most reliable means towards the threat of rising stormwater. For such circumstances when we must be out of the house, wouldn’t it be nice to know what is happening inside our sump pits and that our systems are properly working up to expectations?

That is where the Ion Technologies line of pump controllers and monitors come in. Utilizing the most innovative smart communication technology, our state-of-the-art pump controls keep homeowners in the know by providing seamless communication between the sump pit and sump system with a phone or tablet. In addition, the Ion Technologies line of controls and monitoring devices have been designed and engineered to integrate with our in-house line of high capacity pumps and high-performing battery backup systems, providing a complete residential pumping system that truly keeps homeowners in control while protecting their basements from flooding.

Learn more about our complete pump controllers and monitoring devices below. When integrated with our pumps and battery backup systems, homeowners will know that their basement is protected from the most dynamic storm and sewage water flood challenges.

Let's Talk Pump Controls & Monitoring

For more information about our pump controls and monitoring and full integration capabilities , to purchase or for customer support, the Ion Technologies team is here to help.