Ion+® Connect

Digital Level Controller with Ion® Sensor & Text Notifications

How much have you invested in your basement?

Could you afford to let it flood?

Even in an unfinished basement, water can create several problems. However, you cannot always be home to wait for the alarm and, even if you hear it, a beep does not tell you what is actually happening. Did the power go out? Is the battery dead? Is my house flooding?

We understand that life often takes you elsewhere and you may not have the time to problem solve in a pinch. That is why we designed the Ion+ Connect digital level controller with Ion sensor to be your eyes and ears when you are at home or elsewhere. And it is a pretty smart system, too.

The Ion+ Connect is a residential sump/sewage ejector pump controller equipped with the revolutionary Ion® level sensor and an integrated cellular module. The device will run a manual pump up to 12 FLA, can sense up to 72” of water, has customizable start/stop/alert levels, and provides notifications via SMS text for alerts such as high water, pump fail, power fail, and many more.

Controls Water Level

The included Ion digital level sensor can sense up to 72 inches of water, and alerts are sent for critical levels.

Detects Power Loss

The Ion+ Connect's rechargeable battery keeps the unit powered on in the event of power loss, allowing it to continue sending notifications.

Monitors Temperature

The Ion+ Connect monitors the room's air temperature and sends alerts in the event of high/low extremes.

Test run your pump and read your sensor from your phone.

Configure up to 10 phones to receive SMS text notifications.

Utilizes a cellular plan and long-lasting lithium ion battery to ensure alerts in a power outage.

Audible alarm and status LEDs alert users of emergency issues if problems occur.

Remote contacts for additional notifications. Intrinsically safe barrier available.

SMS text notifications for pump failure, high water, power outage, and temperature sensor readings.

Fully customizable set points up to 72 inches.

Water activity in the pit is monitored and alerts sent for crtitical levels.

Why Cellular?

The answer is simple: Power outages. While Wi-Fi connectivity continues to take the smart-home world by storm, and for good reason, we recognized that a power outage would probably be the worst time for the Ion+ Connect to lose connectivity. The Ion+ Connect, with its rechargeable lithium ion battery, will keep you connected when you need it the most.

Ion+ Connect Notifications

From pump status to the ambient room temperature, the Ion+ Connect is capable of sending a wide array of notifications to keep you informed of the state of your sump pit.

Default Notifications

The Ion+ Connect can send a wide variety of notifications informing you of pump status, water level, power status, battery status, and ambient temperature.

Pump Fail

Pump Restored/OK

Sensor Fail

High Level

Level Normal

Low Level

Power Fail

Power Restore

Battery Low

Battery Dead

Battery OK

High Temperature

Temperature Normal

Low Temperature

Product Features

Designed to keep you connected and informed.

Easy to Use

Informative LEDs and simple buttons

  1. Status LED's: indicate the power, pump, alarm, and cellular status of the system
  2. Pump Test Button
  3. Silence/Reset Button
  4. Lock/Unlock Button


Plug in other devices like a battery backup system for further monitoring capability.

  1. Pump plug receptacle
  2. Remote Alarm Input jack
  3. Digital Level Sensor jack
  4. Remote Alarm Contact jack

Reliable when it Matters Most

The proven Ion sensor combined with cellular capability.

  1. Ion Digital Level Sensor: Communicates system levels to the Ion+ Connect controller
  2. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: Powers the Ion+ Connect in the event of power loss
  1. Ion+ Connect controller
  2. Ion digital level control sensor
  3. Manual Ion StormPro pump (not included)
  4. Basin (not included)
  5. Dedicated 115 volt outlet


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