Ion+ Connect Troubleshooting Tutorial

Welcome to Ion+ Connect Troubleshooting Tutorial section. We regret that you may be experiencing an unexpected issue. We hope that the video below will provide a quick resolution to your problem.

In addition, each potential problem scenario and its solution is documented further below.

Scenario # 1:  The Ion+ Connect unit is beeping and the Cell LED is red.

Solution:  Any Ion+ Connect device not registered with an annual 3G cellular plan has been suspended as of June 26, 2018. To clear this alarm, unplug the Ion+ Connect, remove the battery, and wait 5 minutes. Then plug the device back in and reinstall the battery. This will eliminate the beeping and the Cell LED will be red. The device will now have the same functionality as an Ion+ Digital Level Control with no ability to send notifications. To restore cellular service to your Ion+ Connect, an annual cellular plan is required.

For more information, please call 815-886-9200.

Scenario # 2:  The Ion+ Connect’s Cell LED is amber, but the device is not beeping.

Solution:  If you have signed up for cellular service but the Cell LED is amber, you likely have a weak cellular signal. It is recommended that you use an Antenna Extension with your Ion+ Connect, available for purchase online via the Ion Technologies Online Store.

Scenario # 3:  The Ion+ Connect unit is beeping, and the Power LED is either alternately blinking amber and red, or blinking red.

Solution:  This indicates a low battery. Ensure your Ion+ Connect is plugged into AC power, which will charge the battery as indicated by the Power LED blinking green. If you still get the low battery alarm, replace the rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Scenario # 4:  The Ion+ Connect unit begins beeping immediately upon installation.

Solution:  The unit might be below the factory default low-temperature threshold of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Either set up a phone number and change the temperature threshold via text command, or unplug the device and allow it to warm up to above the low temperature threshold before continuing installation.


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