Ion Endeavor Smarter Controller and Sensors

Ion Endeavor Smart Sump Pump Controller and Sensor
  • Three model options
  • First of a kind 115 or 230 volt  standard plug in receptacle, dual pump run and alternating controller for residential and commercial applications
  • Ion® sensors communicate with controller to provide controller based turn on level adjustment from 2.5″ to 72″ for optimal pump operation
  • Track critical information through the panel based display, including switch failure; pump amp draw, water level and more

  • Featuring Ion® Digital Level Sensors
    • First of its kind solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts
    • Multipoint sealing mechanism that supersedes single surface seals
  • Simultaneously operates two (2) single-phase plug in pumps together when required
  • Automatic pump alternation based on duty cycle and/or pump availability
  • Clean & safe operation
  • Microprocessor based process controls continually monitor system
  • Dry digital contact for common alarm, allows remote monitoring.
  • 3 year residential warranty

Typical Installation

Ion Endeavor Smart Pump Controller Installation

Controller Options