Ion Digital Level Control Switch

Ion Digital Level Control Sump & Sewage Pump Switch
  • Rated for use in both sump & sewage pump applications
  • Will work with any 115 volt pump up to 15 amps
  • Solid state sensing technology with no moving parts to wear or fail
  • Longer pumping differential means it will pump more water less frequently
  • 10 and 20 foot cord options are available

  • Type of Application: Sump and sewage
  • Voltage: 115 volt
  • Amp Rating: 13 FLA, 15 Amp Max
  • Power Cord: 10′ or 20′
  • Pump Range: 6″
  • 3 year warranty

Assembly View

Ion Digital Level Control Switch Assembly View


Switch Dimensions

Ion Digital Level Control Switch Dimensions

Piggyback Plug Illustration

Ion Switch Digital Level Control Piggyback Plug Illustration