Choosing the Best Battery Backup Sump Pump System for Your Basement

Help Choosing Battery Backup Sump Pump System for Basement

Waterproofing a building, whether it’s a single-family home or a large commercial building, is a multi-step process guided by the structure itself. From foundation repair and encapsulation to water mitigation, the necessary steps may vary, but the end goal remains the same: dry out the basement or crawlspace and make sure it stays that way.

As there’s really no way to prevent the movement of groundwater around the foundation of a structure, sump pumps are a critical part of making sure everything stays dry, and picking the right pumps for the job can make all the difference. At Metropolitan, we understand that there’s a lot riding on storm and sewage pumps and the battery backup systems that keep everything running if the power goes out. That’s why every item in the Ion Technologies line of pump systems and battery backups is ready to work as expected every hour of the day.

The first foundation challenge many homeowners and building managers face is the realization – often too late – that their backup pump doesn’t have the same capacity as their main pump. Though average sump pumps may operate at a rate of 30-35 gallons per minute (GPM), many backup systems are only rated at 15-25 GPM and it doesn’t take long to understand why that difference is a big deal.

For peace of mind, the backup system should be equivalent or better than the main pump which is why even the smallest Ion Technologies Battery Backup system pumps at 42 GPM.

However, all of this will only mater if the pump is getting the power it needs. Most battery backups rely on DC power, but this can quickly lead to problems. With DC power, pump performance and capacity decrease as the battery decreases over time, meaning your pump may not have the power it needs when the time comes. The Ion Technologies systems are specifically designed to guarantee the best performance regardless of the battery by converting DC to AC.

And in the spring of 2019, you’ll be able to pair one of our reliable pump systems with the next generation of our Ion+ Connect controller. This leap in the Ion Technologies product line will bring several benefits, including 4G connectivity, the ability to run two pumps, and integration with the Amazon Alexa smart speaker. Plus, the added benefit of a new mobile app to accompany the controller will allow for easier and more enhanced monitoring.

It’s true that a pump system package may not be the most exciting addition to your home, but it could end up being the most important. After all, a good pump system is like a good insurance policy: You might not need it every day, but you’ll be happy you have the best there is if the need arises.

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