Ion+ Connect High Water Alarm & Monitoring via Text Notifications

Ion+ Connect Digital Pump Level Controller and Sensor
  • Provides high water alarm and monitoring capabilities via SMS text messaging. Real-time updates on the sump pit’s water level, pump usage, power availability and ambient temperature.
  • Customize notification settings when high water, a pump failure, low temperature or loss of power occurs. Allows for homeowners to keep tabs on what is happening with their sump pump and pit, even when away from home.
  • Always connected via 3G cellular service (unlike WiFi, which is unavailable when the power goes out) to ensure service interruptions are non-existent.
  • Features the Ion Digital Level Sensor,
  • May be used with manual sump pumps or ejector pumps up to 12 FLA.
  • Especially ideal for homeowners worried about protecting finished basements from flooding or with multiple properties (i.e. vacation homes).

The Ion+ Connect is a residential high water level alarm that monitors your sump pump and sump pit, allowing you to keep tabs on what is happening inside your basement whether you are home or not. The reliable connectivity of the Ion+ Connect is ideal for homeowners who constantly worry about their basement flooding each time it rains or for anyone maintaining multiple properties, such as a summer vacation home. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your sump equipment is properly working or that you will be immediately notified when a problem situation occurs.

The Ion+ Connect easily programs with your cell phone (up to 10 cell phones total) to provide real-time status updates that are always just a text message away. Homeowners simply text specific commands to the Ion+ Connect to instantly receive the desired information. Customized alerts can be set for when specific problem situations occur, such as high water level within the sump pit, pump failure, power outage or low room temperature. Because it utilizes cellular as its means of communication and is equipped with a long-lasting ion battery, the Ion+ Connect continues to function even in the event of a power outage, unlike high water level alarms powered via WiFi.

A core feature of the Ion+ Connect is that it is equipped with the revolutionary Ion Digital Level Sensor, which replaces the traditional mechanical float switch. Because of their moving parts, float switches are vulnerable to wear and tear, increasing the probability of a switch failure, which leads to pump failure. The Ion Digital Level Sensor easily handles high in-rush pump loads, easing the need to worry about your basement flooding during high periods of rain. It can sense up to 12″ of water and has customizable start/stop/alert levels.

The Ion+ Connect integrates with sump pumps or ejector pumps up to 12 FLA (full-load amperage). Whether your basement is protected with a primary sump pump or has the added protection of a battery backup system, homeowners can now always stay connected to what is happening within their basement via the Ion+ Connect High Water Alarm.

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