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Ion Technologies Product Display at Plumbing Trade Show

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Ion Technologies is a manufacturer of premium residential pump and control products designed and engineered to provide superior basement flood protection. It was our legacy “StormPro” pumps and battery backup systems, capable of removing more gallons of water per minute, that instilled a higher level of flood prevention expectations throughout the pumping industry.

Coinciding with the growing popularity of our residential pumping products among plumbers and homeowners were several advancements achieved throughout the tech industry. In a world where mechanical operations are being replaced by digital, while our phones allow us to be more connected than ever before, came the inspiration to utilize such technology towards enhancing the protection of basements and homes from such complex water issues.

The result was the birth of the Ion Technologies division, starting with the introduction of our state-of-the-art Ion Digital Level Control Switch. With the subsequent product launches of the Ion Genesis, Ion Endeavor and the Ion+ Connect, came a variety of control and monitoring options that enhanced the capabilities of our primary pumps and battery backup systems.

As a division of Metropolitan Industries, Ion Technologies is backed by more than 60 years of design, engineering and consulting expertise that continues to provide superior water movement and management solutions to end-users throughout North America. This is demonstrated through our endless networking efforts via our on-site training seminars offered to plumbers, mobile training via the fully equipped Ion Technologies product demonstration trailer, and our continued presence at a variety of plumbing trade shows. Utilizing our company’s vast amount of marketing and sales resources allows us to provide plumbers and contractors with premium support that enables them to better service their residential customers.

Strengthening the capabilities of Ion Technologies is our cross-relationship with our sister brand, Emecole Metro, a pioneer in the concrete crack repair industry that has grown into a trusted manufacturer and supplier of basement waterproofing products. The Ion Technologies line of residential pump and control products combined with Emecole Metro’s products that spans concrete repair, foundation stabilization, drainage and indoor air quality control, is a one-stop shop for all things basement flood protection and waterproofing.

As the world continues to grow and evolve, Ion Technologies is excited to be at the forefront when it comes to utilizing new resources and technology to help protect against the threat of uncontrolled water and the negative ramifications it has towards the home. Simply put, it remains the endeavor of Ion Technologies to provide basement flood protection and waterproofing solutions that allow homeowners to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with experiencing a dry and healthy home environment.

About Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

Since 1957, it has been our endeavor to be the pumping world’s one-stop shop. Originally founded as the Metropolitan Pump Company, it was our narrowed focus and specialization that cemented our footprint in the water and wastewater pumping industry.

Today, as Metropolitan Industries, we specialize in the engineering of packaged pump systems equipped with our own manufactured controls. Our system based solutions, which can be fully integrated with a variety of monitoring options, including cloud and traditional SCADA, provide end-users with the most complete and streamlined capabilities for the movement and management of water for a variety of infrastructure types.

By partnering with our clients from the onset of a project, we are involved in the design, assembling, integration and installation of our systems, providing single- source reliability from coordination to integration and thereafter with continued service.

Our family owned company consists of 150 plus employees. Our in-house team of pump experts include programmers and engineers who remain dedicated to providing customized solutions to the most dynamic water movement and management challenges.

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