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As part of the ongoing growth of our Ion® Products Line we are proud to join and to create the new Ion® Products website,

Why have we done this?

As we enter a new stage of development, we promise to adhere to our goal of rising to the next level, releasing more innovative products and continuing to stand by our Ion® brand. As innovators we have the knowledge, experience and capabilities of developing new technologies to create reliable products for our industry.
It is with you in mind that we are excited to unveil our new, fresh visual identity to further strengthen our position as an industry leader and carry us into the future.
Over the years, the Ion® Product line has grown and evolved and we felt it was time for a change. We’ve made significant improvements to our product line, offering a more consistent brand for what matters most: You. The further development of our website cohesively represents our entire product line.
We are excited for what’s ahead and look forward to working with you in years to come. We hope you continue to choose us as your solution.
How can we better live up to our promise? Rising to the next level, through our commitment to continue to create solutions for you.
John Kochan, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

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